Friday, February 18, 2011

Think we found a house

This house we are looking at is smaller than the one we are currently living in, but the area is a million times better.  In addition, the house itself is in much nicer condition than where we are living now (all wood floors, brand new appliances, etc).  The price was right and we made an offer.  The seller accepted, and now we are going through the underwriting process.

This has been hectic as hell trying to get a house.  I have no idea how people can do this as their job (the guy we are buying from bought the house cheaply and fixed it, putting in the appliances and fixing the floors and such).  How he can go through this process on a weekly basis is beyond me.

Anyway, wish me luck with the underwriters, and Ill take pics of the inside sooner or later.



tune a fish said...

can't wait for pictures of the house. i am excited to start the bidding process

jill said...

Some other things I like about the house:

1. the bathrooms are shiny and new
2. lots of big windows and natural light
3. only one gate leading from the back yard and it's one of those giant ones with a master lock so basically I don't have to have worries about the kids finding their way out of the backyard in some random mischievous effort.
4. one car garage
5. over 5 miles worth of walking trails right out the back gate :D

It's looking like we'll move in around March 14th. Woot!

Bobby said...

Looking forward to these pictures. Congratulations :D

ilikeicecream said...



The Puppet Master said...

As an update, home inspection is tomorrow morning at 9. Gonna take pics then :)