Sunday, February 27, 2011

Views of the House update.

The appraiser came and we offered less than the appraised value of the house, which is a good thing since the bank would have turned down the loan had we offered more.  Step 35423/45654298 complete.

Also, the home inspectors came out, and gave their report.  Structurally, the house is in great shape, with many of the fixtures and things being brand new.  The foundation is perfect, and the house has recently been treated for termites with that stuff that lasts like 30 years.  The air conditioning is in good shape, but old (will probably need replacing in 6-10 years), and the roof is terrible and needs replacing now.

Herein lies the problem.  Ive told the seller that we need the roof fixed before the sale goes through, which will cost him an extra 6000 dollars according to his estimate.  We've decided to pay half of that for him, and he will pay the other half (if he agrees).  The guy brought down a shingle and showed me that the roof really is in shitty condition so I hope he agrees to that deal.  If not, there isn't much more we can do since we are close to that appraised value at the moment.

At any rate, here are some pictures (sorry they are late, and they are stolen directly from jill's blog, so thanks for putting those up for me jill :) )

Also, as for video game and book reviews: I'm almost done with Assassin's Creed (yes, i know, i'm ridiculously late on that).  I have a problem...I collect video games more than I play them.  I guess I'm saving them for a time when I am super bored.  I have another problem though, when I start something like a game or a book, I am compelled to complete it before moving on to the next game/book.  Recently, I was super bored and started Assassin's Creed...hence the need for completion.  I can tell where the complaints of repetitiveness came about early on in this games review cycle...many can I tell where the complaints came from.  Ultimately though, I think Assassin's Creed was meant to be more of a story experience than most people played it as.  At any rate.  Full review coming soon.